Blueye’s underwater tech prowess is a force to reckon with…

August 2, 2021by admin

DroneAcharya has recently teamed up with Blueye Robotics to expand the horizons of underwater exploration across the subcontinent. Their recent product, the Blueye X3 can be utilised throughout various industries including aquaculture, shipping inspections, underwater explorations and much more.

Blueye Robotics combines innovative ocean technology with user experience knowledge to create professional-grade underwater drones for consumers.

In 2018, Blueye Robotics was selected as an Innovation Honoree Finalist in the robotics & drones category at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) . It was their product, the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone that caught the eye of the jury, and since then the company has been making strides in the underwater drone industry for the past 3 years.

Providing an intuitive user experience, Blueye X3 is easy to handle, and can be controlled by almost anyone. Such easy maneuverability allows the Pro to effortlessly gather useful information like the health of a ship’s hull, or old & unexplored underwater objects. It can also be used for examining the construction progress of marinas and sites that are situated in & around a water body.

Grippers, SONARS, Positioning Systems, and Sensors available with the Blueye X3

Equipped with high definition cameras and automated sensors, Blueye X3 is a prized asset for surveyors when it comes to underwater exploration.

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