The Union Budget 2022 has rolled out an immense boost to the Drone Industry

February 9, 2022by Shubham Marne

“By 2026, the Indian drone industry would generate up to Rs 15,000 crore in revenue, owing to the government’s substantial investment in the sector,” Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia claimed. Eventually, the government made the first step towards the success and expansion of that statement.

People fear what they don’t understand. In India, the drone industry has gotten off to a slow start. As is the case with every other revolutionary technology, individuals and governments were initially reluctant to embrace it. However, drones are becoming more prominent in recent years. Despite its tardy start, it is gaining the necessary attention and interest. The Union budget for 2022 established a framework for the use of drones in a range of sectors, including agriculture. Following the liberalization of drone rules in 2021, the union government is boosting the drone industry significantly through the introduction of Drone Shakti and Kisan Drones.

Honourable Finance Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman stated that the usage of Kisan drones for crop assessment, digitization of land records, and spraying of insecticide and fertilizer will be promoted. Numerous applications and Drone-As-A-Service (DraaS) will be developed to nurture startups that support ‘Drone Shakti‘.

India is endowed with vast natural resources ranging from agriculture to minerals, as well as world-class infrastructure that is gaining much-needed momentum towards digitization. Drone as a service will be a crucial component of the drone industry’s growth, and that of its beneficiaries. The introduction of drone shakti will sustain commercial momentum and accelerate the country’s use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Additionally, it will enable the drone industry to engage with our farmers to maximize operational efficiency and profitability. This beneficial development will strengthen India’s agricultural sector in the long run.

Furthermore, the finance minister declared that the government will support research and development in sectors such as geospatial systems and UAVs. Drones were used to deliver vaccines against Covid-19 to the country. Likewise, they were used to monitor hotspots and containment zones throughout the pandemic. Jyotiraditya Scindia also tweeted, “Under the guidance of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, the Finance Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget has given a new dimension to agriculture. Farmers can increase the productivity and efficiency of their crops by utilizing smart transportation technologies such as drones.”

As a budding industry in India, drones are finally receiving the attention it deserves. The government is making major strides to invest necessary resources for ensuring the drone sector’s growth. This presents a plethora of opportunities not just for individuals, but also for businesses involved in the drone industry. Let us work together to establish India as a global drone hub!

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