DroneAcharya Franchise Model

DroneAcharya Franchise Model

Your Opportunity to enter the Drone Industry.

Data Collections

This part will be managed by our ground team which includes setting up appropriate ground control points & site recce. Once we have the KML file of your project things can be completed in no time. Additionally if you have any specific requirement we can always tweak it.

Data Processing

All thanks to our highly experienced GIS team with a cumulative experience of over 50 years & equipped with the latest software you can rest assured your project will be delivered with the highest of industry standards. Additionally if you have any specific requirement we can always tweak it.


Our solutions related to the Survey and Mapping Services

Base Map Creation

Create detailed base maps with transport network, Administrative boundary, settlements, land cover, water bodies & many others.

Asset Mapping and Analysis

Let us handle your projects with proper asset mapping with the right industry standards & protocols. Reach out to us from the contact page.

Site Suitability Analysis

Looking for an ideal location for your project? Share your scope of work with us and we will get back to you in no time!

Land surveying / Cartography

Extensive land surveys and topographical surveys make it possible for cadastral maps to show the most accurate information as quickly and easily as possible. Then, our GIS team uses photogrammetry software to turn the data into the deliverables we need, such as DTM, DSM, ORI, etc.

Stockpile Volumetric Measurements

With the highest of industry standards, we deliver photogrammetric information in a strategic and efficient way through Contouring, Digital Surface Models, stockpiles like waste, mines, inventory, agriculture, etc., and volume measurements. Get in touch with us today.

Urban Planning

Drones are used a lot more in urban planning now that drone technology has come a long way. Get in touch with us today to know what best we can offer you, we maintain the highest of industry standards & protocols so rest assured.