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Precision-Crafted Drones Redefining Aerial Innovation
Drone Services
Data capturing, logistics, survey and mapping, inspection, and beyond.
Drone Training
DGCA certified Drone Pilot Training and diverse Drone Courses.
Data Intelligence
GIS Data Solutions for upgrading your current workflows.
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Innovative Technologies, Tailored Solutions

Shaping the future through cutting-edge drone, space, and defence technologies

Drone Tech

Dive into the world of Drone Tech, where cutting-edge unmanned aerial systems redefine possibilities in surveillance, mapping, and industrial solutions.


Defence Tech

Explore the forefront of Defence Tech, where advanced technologies safeguard national security through innovations in military strategies and infrastructure.


Space Tech

Venture beyond Earth with our space-related technologies, contributing to the advancement of space exploration and research.

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Empowering excellence in drone technology, education, and legal compliances under the umbrella of DroneAcharya.

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Transform your skills for success in aerial industries with our specialized training.

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Explore a meticulously curated selection of top-tier drones catered to various industries.

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Your Legal Guide in Drone Operations

Discover seamless drone compliance with DroneKanoon's expert consultancy.

About DroneAcharya

Visionaries in Deep Tech Data Science

Emerging as a comprehensive data solution provider, DroneAcharya pioneers end-to-end Aerial and Geospatial solutions in the Indian UAV industry.

Our commitment spans multiple domains such as Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Smart Cities, Urban Planning, and Water Resources.

Headquartered in Pune, we take pride in our dedicated team of Surveyors, UAV pilots, GIS analysts, and LiDAR experts.

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